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Unique BUY BACK Plan

Euro World Currency Ltd., promises to buy yourleftover travel money at the same exchange rate we sold it to you. This is one way of saying Thank You to our customers for using our services. This service is applicable on all the currencies our customers purchases from us.

Unique BUY BACK Plan

Carry More CASH Abroad:

  • We suggest you to carry more cash than you think. This extra cash helps if you run out of cash due to unplanned expense.
  • Exchanging currency at foreign country may charge you more and you may end up losing money.
  • If you are travelling on weekends then your multi-national banks may be closed and using your credit/debit card in foreign country is not a smart idea as you lose money both in bad exchange rate as well as foreign transaction commission.

Our BUY BACK Promise:

  • During your online currency purchase we provide you with and option of adding BUY BACK Plan to your purchase which costs you just £3.00.
  • If you opt to purchase the BUY BACK Plan then we promise to buy back your leftover travel money up to 30% within 30 days of purchase at the same rate we sold the currency to you.
  • This unique buy back plan allows you to carry that extra cash with the confidence of not losing a single penny for buy back.