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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is short-term insurance available specifically against travel-related emergencies and expenses. International travellers will almost always want to obtain travel insurance because it covers medical expenses, but even other travellers may find it useful depending on their plans.

Travel Insurance

At Euro World Currency Ltd., we suggest you the best suitable travel insurance based on your country of visit and duration of your visit.

No Commission, No Hidden Charges:

  • Your travel agent may offer you travel insurance when you book travel but you can purchase travel insurance between then and shortly before you depart.
  • The best time to buy your travel insurance is to buy it along with your travel money.

What to Buy ?

  • International travel insurance, covering travel outside UK. This is an essential part of international trips because many healthcare arrangements won't apply in other countries and you either need insurance or to be able to pay all medical bills out of pocket.

What NOT to Buy ?

  • Flight insurance, sold at some airports, is simply a very overpriced form of accidental death coverage policy valid only for the duration of your flight. Don't waste your money

Contact & Policy Details:

  • Carry copies of your insurance policy with you, and retain a second copy in your luggage. You should also leave policy details with travelling companions, relatives or friends at home. If you are incapacitated, someone else will need to deal with your insurance company and may not know who you are insured by or whether you are insured at all. If you are travelling to more remote areas (especially alone), give a copy (or at least the basic information) to whichever local person is most responsible for hosting your visit (such as the resort manager or tour guide).